Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment

Every day millions of people in more than 70 countries around the world lead a safer life on the road or at airports thanks to ASFT Industries products.

Global Jet Aviation, an official agent of ASFT for all Latin America and the Caribbean region, develops and provides IT systems to study surface conditions and weather at airports. The products include computer technology to test factors such as friction, freezing points, early warning systems for ice, precipitation, de-icing, accumulation of ice deposits, camera security systems among others.

The objective of measuring friction and other variables is to make decisions in order to follow the proper maintenance and operation evaluations at the correct time and place, achieving acceptable road conditions for vehicles and aircrafts operate safely.

The technology is specially designed for stationary use. All the information systems provide continuous sampling of measurements ​​and testing of changes over time. While the sensors on the vehicle provide a mobile information center to have a complete coverage of an entire infrastructure to detect factors such as friction, atmospheric conditions, runaway/road temperature, surface condition, freezing point the surface, etc.

With these systems, our company offers airports and road authorities the technology to help increase safety reducing costs and being more respectful of the environment.

Some features:

  • Test the characteristics of friction (braking) of the roads in normal and extraordinary conditions such as rain, snow and / or ice.
  • Test the friction condition of new, repaved roads under wet conditions, with little or contaminated drainage.
  • Verify the maintenance and continuity of the International Friction Standards in all roads and generate an effective database that shows the application of International Security Systems