Privacy Policies

This "Privacy policy" document discloses the terms on which this website uses and protects the information provided by its users when using the website. Global Jet Aviation cares about the security of it's users data. When we ask you to fill in personal information fields, ones which will serve as an identification method from within the site, we do it ensuring that it will only be employed according to the previously disclosed terms on this document. Nevertheless, this policy can change with time or be updated for what we recommend and empathise you continuously check this page to make sure you agree with said changes.

Collected Information

Our website will be able to collect some personal information by the likes of: Name, contact information like your email address or demographic address. So, whenever we are in need of this specific information for processing a package, scheduling a delivery or payment.

Use Of Collected Information

Our website employs your information with the purpose of providing the best possible service, particularly to maintain a user and contact information registry and to improve our products and services. It is possible that you may receive periodic emails detailing special offers, new arrivals and other publicitary information that we may consider as relevant for you or that can give you some sort of benefit; this emails will be sent to the email address you provide and can be cancelled at any time.


Una cookie se refiere a un fichero que es enviado con la finalidad de solicitar permiso para almacenarse en su ordenador, al aceptar dicho fichero se crea y la cookie sirve entonces para tener información respecto al tráfico web, y también facilita las futuras visitas a una web recurrente. Otra función que tienen las cookies es que con ellas las web pueden reconocerte individualmente y por tanto brindarte el mejor servicio personalizado de su web.

Nuestro sitio web emplea las cookies para poder identificar las páginas que son visitadas y su frecuencia. Esta información es empleada únicamente para análisis estadístico y después la información se elimina de forma permanente. Usted puede eliminar las cookies en cualquier momento desde su ordenador. Sin embargo las cookies ayudan a proporcionar un mejor servicio de los sitios web, estás no dan acceso a información de su ordenador ni de usted, a menos de que usted así lo quiera y la proporcione directamente. Usted puede aceptar o negar el uso de cookies, sin embargo la mayoría de navegadores aceptan cookies automáticamente pues sirve para tener un mejor servicio web. También usted puede cambiar la configuración de su ordenador para declinar las cookies. Si se declinan es posible que no pueda utilizar algunos de nuestros servicios.

Links to Third Parties

This website can contain links to other sites that could be of your interest. Once you decide to click on one of this links and leave our page, we no longer have control over what site you are redirected to and thus, we are not responsible of the privacy policy terms and the protection of your data on this third party sites. Those are subject to their own privacy policies which we recommend you check to see if you agree to these..

Control Over Your Personal Data

At any moment, you can restrict the compiling and/or use of your personal information provided to our website. Every time you are solicited to fill a form, you can choose to check or uncheck the "receive this information by email" checkbox. If you have selected to receive our newsletter or bulletin, you can cancel at any time..

Global Jet Aviation will not sell, give or distribute personal information compiled without your consent, unless required by a matter of law..

Global Jet Aviation reserves the rights to change the terms of this "privacy policy" at any given time.