Ramp & Hangar Support Equipment

In order to provide specific solutions to operational needs of hangars, commercial and executive airports, government agencies and armed forces, we specialize in the provision and marketing of this kind of equipment such as towing tractors, GPU, among others.

Global Truck

Aeronautical Trailer industry has now reached great importance in the operation of airports to greatly facilitate the transport of aircrafts and merchandise. That is why the need to make towing vehicles being prepared for this task.

However, they are also designed for other specific uses in other industries. Thanks to their agile and manageable condition, all types of merchandise can be loaded, guaranteeing ample stability since they are manufactured following the most stringent safety standards to provide optimum service and prolonged use without the machine suffering significantly.

There are numerous types of them with different load capacities depending on their weight: light, medium or heavy industrial trailers.

Designed to satisfy the demanding professional needs, Global Jet Aviation introduces the GTE Series (Electric) and GTD Series (Diesel) models allowing wide speed of movement, small turning radio and excellent maneuverability applicable to any workplace.

Equipamiento para soporte de rampa


  • Loaded Capacity: 4tons, 6tons.
  • Environment-Friendly, low noise and non-pollution electricity energy.
  • Simple and elegant overview design, big inner and outer space for storage.
  • The innovative AC drive system with quick response, accurate control, impact protection, and excellent power efficiency.
  • Spacious and comfortable seat with buffering function.
  • Large battery space, are suitable for batteries of different capacity.
  • Weather protection rainshed is optional.
  • Application places: Aircrafts, baggage & merchandise traction.


  • Three pivot structure
  • AC Driver
  • Different battery power options
  • MECLU steering/EPS
  • LED headlights
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Warming switch

Global Truck develops this new serie tractor. All the advantages work toghether to provide you with the highest level of productivity in the most demanding work environments.

Its strong power, superior performance and stability and comfortable operation which are favored by executive and transportation aviation.


  • New High-Power Diesel Engine ( (Diesel Mitsubishi S4S).
  • Strong -power Automatic Transmission.
  • Integral power steering.
  • Two speed automatic shifter.
  • Easy-to-read Instrument Panel.
  • Smart independent front suspension steering system.
  • Spacious of operation area.
  • Steel Cabin.
  • Towing bar and connecting pin.
  • Two-stage towing bar.


  • Integrated ignition assembly.
  • Neutral safety switch.
  • Super preheater control system.
  • Engine key stopping device.
  • Oil/water deposition separator.
  • Headlights.
  • Rear combination lights (braking, parking,reverse, etc.).
  • Integrated control center.
  • Odometer.
  • Speed meter.
  • Independent front suspension steering system.
  • Hand brake.
  • Hydraulic Torque converter oil radiator.
  • Pin type two-stage towing bar.

As a wholesaler for Argentina, we introduce the Hobart 1400 GPU.It is a small, light and easy manoeuvrable solid-state GPU that does not take up much space neither in mobile nor in the fixed version.


  • Durable design, light weight and easy maneuvered.
  • Suitable for small spaces.
  • Fixed and mobile version.
  • Solid-state GPU.
  • Intuitive and friendly operator interface.
  • Output voltage 28V DC.
  • Input voltage 3 X 380 VAC 50 Hz.
  • Output power 300 to 2500 A.