Whether you are buying or selling an airplane, we offer you the possibility to get a unique and comprehensive service in the process of selection, evaluation, valuation, negotiation and management of aircrafts.

We can advise you on any aspect of the acquisitions, sales or maintenance of aircraft, taking advantage of our up-to- date knowledge of aircraft available worldwide, locating the model of aircraft that will serve you best.

We also guide you safely through the complex details of ownership history, operating costs, performance data, mandatory inspections and title transfer. In short, every important feature of the negotiation of sales and / or acquisition of aircraft.

Our aircraft acquisition process includes:

Survey: The process starts with learning about the client goals and how an aircraft can help the specific objective.

Market Research: Our goal is to ensure that you have access to national and international aircrafts database.

Evaluation: Once the suitable aircraft is selected, we will proceed to check ownership history out and all the documentation as well.

Negotiation: After the choice of the aircraft, we will negotiate on your behalf. If you wish, we can work with your legal and tax advisors or we can introduce you to our trusted partners. We will work to help you protect your interests throughout the transaction.

Inspections: Our professional team will carry out the pre-purchase inspection by issuing a report on the general and particular condition of the aircraft and compliance with the AD's (Airworthiness Directives) and SB's (Service Bulletins).

Closing: We will make sure that the closing of the transaction is successful. For this, we can include: acceptance flights, closing and regulatory documentation.