Global Jet Aviation provides exclusive aeronautical services

Such as hangar, FBO, maintenance, aircrafts sales/acquisitions, airparts, ground support, continuous friction measurement and pilot training as well.

Strategically located at Morón Regional Airport (SADM), just 30 minutes away from Buenos Aires city.

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Our Facilities

Offering you an extensive area of 30.000 m2 availables for hangar and an exclusive private platform to assist aircrafts owners all the time.

  • Hangar
  • Fuel
  • GPU
  • Tow Tractor Equipment
  • Aircraft wash
  • Airparts and Supplies
  • Permanent assistance staff

New Facilities

Being part of the growth of the Argentine aeronautical market, Global Jet Aviation expands their hangar facilities and services building a new and a full-equipped hangar of 5000 sq meters:

  • 2500 m2 of private platform
  • GPU and towing services
  • Pilot-Shop
  • Pilot´s Room
  • Training Center
  • Simulator
  • Exclusive Parking and Security